Daniela Scaramuzza is an award winning and internationally recognized photographer with over thirty years of experience in photojournalism and portraiture.


Educated at the University of Architecture in Milan, she published her first portraits for Italian Condé Nast at the age of 19. She has since photographed for the most illustrious record and publishing companies in the world, her work gracing the covers of CDs, books, magazines, corporate portfolios, et al.

[PHOTO: Daniela Scaramuzza with Andy Warhol]

Clients include: amica,  mondadori, atlantic records, bauer, bmg, ciak, condé nast italia, corriere della sera, datamedia, donna, emi, fininvest, interstudio viaggi, marie claire italia, mediaset, new line productions, philipacchi, publitalia, rai,  rizzoli, rsa, scott free, smash hits, sony music, starhotels, stream, sugar music, totem production, sea, planhotel, etc….

Image consultant for CEO and political candidates | Member of the International Cinematographer Guild.

[PHOTO: Daniela Scaramuzza with Gustavo Dudamel]

Years of experience in the world of entertainment have enhanced her style and given her insight into the private world of her select clientele: Tony Scott, Gustavo Dudamel, Hans Zimmer, Richard Lovett, Timothy Leary,  Nabila Kashoggi , Claude and Bruce Wasserstein, Ken Howard, Leonard Cohen, Gino Paoli, Romina Power, Kabir Bedi, Edgar Ramirez, etc…

[PHOTO: Leonard Cohen]

Daniela Scaramuzza has been Director Tony Scott’s personal photographer over the course of the last 20 years of his life.

Photo: Daniela Scaramuzza with Tony Scott

Known among her friends as an advocate of healthy life styles, Daniela practices Kundalini Yoga, is a Certified Classical Pilates Instructor and  … a great chef!

She lives in Los Angeles  with her two little gangsters: Gigi & Miki.


Currently she is on the road  to document the impact of the Italian Culture in the world and the contribute of the younger generations to preserve it.

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